Great! I hear you say. However, you’d be wise to finish the whole bottle, under these circumstances!

When choosing your wine, base your decision on the wine itself and not the type of cork. A plastic cork can sometimes be difficult to extract from the bottle and virtually impossible to fit back into a half drunk bottle.

Keeping a wine bottle sealed is probably the most important factor when it comes to maintaining a good wine. Unfortunately, this chemical can cause the wine to taste and smell a little damp and musty. However, there can be minor irritations with plastic corks. Resist the temptation to be a cork snob; a screw top bottle may just give you a pleasant surprise. This type of seal ensures that wine is kept fresh; there is no chance of the wine becoming ‘corked’ and the bottle can be easily resealed. Contrary to popular belief, this will not destroy the wine’s flavor. Plastic corks prevent this occurring.

If a traditional cork breaks when you are removing it – don’t panic! Use a corkscrew to attempt to ‘dig out’ the remaining cork.

Plastic corks are becoming increasing popular, of late. In an attempt to avoid this problem, modern cork manufacturers may treat the cork with a chemical called TVA. A useful test is to see whether the top of the cork is level with the top of the bottle; if it isn’t, then that particular bottle of wine is probably best avoided. Recently, however, many wine experts have recognized that cork may actually cause more problems than it solves. Until recently, this type of seal was used for only the cheapest of wines. If a bottle of wine is not airtight then it may become Lotion Bottle Factory oxidized and undrinkable

Traditionally, the only corks worth considering were those actually made of cork. One of the main problems associated with traditional corks is that the wine becomes ‘corked’. You may have to fish out a few bits of cork, but the taste of the wine should remain unaffected. If this fails, simply push the remains of the cork down into the bottle.

Cork, due to its malleable nature may have imperfections; these can result in the seal of the bottle not being as airtight as it could be and the wine being spoilt. In reality, the only reason that screw tops are not more popular is because of the ingrained snobbery associated with this method of sealing a bottle.

A cork is essential, as it keeps oxygen out of the wine bottle.

Having said this, cork is able to expand to fully fill the neck of the bottle, which therefore, still makes it the preferred option China Lotion Bottle for special wines that need to be stored, over a long period of time.

No matter which type of cork you choose, it is important that you are able to recognize whether the wine has been properly sealed or not.

Another recent development is the widespread use of screw-top bottles. Wine producers across the globe are now recognizing the benefits that screw tops provide

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